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aBout me
There are many things one can say about himself. I will leave my friends and enemies to talk and will limit this section only with 'technical data'. You are always welcome to download my CV or just contact me in one or another way.
Now the promised technical specifications:
Full name: Alex Stanev
Nick: RealEnder
Born: 05 Jan 1981
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Eye colour: Light Brown
Hair colour: Brown
Favourite colour: Green
Drink: Yes
Smoke: No
I am now student at Technical University - Sofia, Computer systems department. Spending some time as free-lance computer security consultant. Doing research in software application level security. Central coordinator of InnerPoint group projects.
For more professional information download the CV below.
e-mail: alex at stanev.org
ICQ: 9371504
IRC: RealEnder
Here they are, for good or bad. Just the webbed ones. :)
Aquila10, Dyanheir, Greeny, Haiduk, HuTPaT, Ian, JohnT, Nasko&Lili, Predator, Representer, Satco, TOKATA
For full employment related information please visit cv.stanev.org
Slides from various university courses I am lecturing [BG]
Slides from various conference presentations [EN & BG]
Short course in bulgarian history [BG]
Hack-The-Planet [BG]
My diplom work 'Computer viruses and protection methods' [BG]
Something from 'Catch 22' [BG]
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Alex Stanev
Sofia, Bulgaria